Neat ways to make Strass your shoes.

Posted by Liviu Vlaic on 10/22/2013
Being able to decorate shoes is one of the very best things that a person can ever do. Nothing is quite worse than buying a pair of heels or shoes that you intend to wear to a nice function and finding out when you arrive that other people have the same exact shoe. This happens quite often in places where the amount of stores are limited, or where most of the patrons at the party or event shop in the same place. There is, however, a great way to be sure that you can make even the most boring shoe into a lovely work of art! It does not have to be an incredibly expensive or high fashion shoe, either, any high heel or sneaker can do. You can even choose to do this with slippers and sandals.

Strassing is what people call attaching beautiful gems and rhinestones onto the shoes that you wear. Yes, normally it is only reserved for the beautiful heels that women are seen wearing at parties and gatherings, but who says you really have to only limit Strassing to that? The art of sticking rhinestones and gems on shoes can be done with virtually any item that you choose. The only thing that you need to take caution with is how you attach the Strass. You need to always be sure that the glue or other item you use will not show as this is tacky. This is why using super glue or some other incredibly strong adhering material is best.

If you have a pair of high heel shoes that you absolutely adore, even if they aren't brand new, why don't you try this neat trick to bring them back to life? If you have any material you can use to cover up the worn area of the shoe so that it looks reasonably new, that is the first step. The next step is to be sure that you have the heel in a condition where you can begin the process of Strassing. Now, you don't want to put gems on the bottom of the heel that connects to the ground, even though it might seem neat. You want to get the jewels and range them in a way that the heel of the shoe is completely covered in gems and rhinestones. You can get expensive ones, designer gems, or even synthetic ones, but make sure that whatever you do you make the shoe look nice. This way you'll add new life onto your old shoes!

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