Beautiful Shoes - How to Strass and Dissolve Stress

Posted by Liviu on 10/10/2013
Strass also known as rhinestone can be used to decorate shoes to give you the perfect project. It can also relieve stress by allowing yourself to be creative, so go ahead and feel beautiful within and without by learning to strass your shoes rather than spend a small fortune at the shoe boutique or the mall.

The Meaning of Strass

Named after Georg Friedrich Strass, the inventor of the flint glass, used instead of actual gemstones, the term strass means to cover with flatback crystals or Swarovski flatbacks. You can cover just the heel part of the shoe, the straps or the whole shoe, depending on whether you wish to stay up all night immersed in a real project. Carrie's shoes shown on "Sex and the City" were strassed Christian Louboutin high heels that shimmered in gold sparkle.

DIY for Hours of Stress Relief and Fun

You can be like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz and have red glittery shoes or find an old pair of shoes and give them a new life of sparkling beauty. Decide the color shade you prefer and gather your crystals together. You might assemble different sizes, depending on the area you will be doing. It is probably best to do a small area the first time, especially if you are looking to reduce stress. It will be a pleasant learning experience if you are not overwhelmed.

Some crystals come with a heat backing and others can be glued on to the shoe. Adhesive, such as E6000 can be used if you are gluing. Hotfix crystals should not be used on leather, porous or water-resistant materials. You can test the stone on the surface by adhering one or two stones before you begin.

Patience, perseverance and music will all help you in your strassing project. A tweezers may be of help and a small plate will hold the rhinestones. A paintbrush can be used to apply and spread the glue.

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