Aladine iZink Diamond 24 Carats Glitter Paint 80ml  (2.7oz)  - Assorted Colours

Aladine iZink Diamond 24 Carats Glitter Paint 80ml (2.7oz) - Assorted Colours

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Aladine iZink Diamond 24 Carats Glitter Paint 80 Ml - 2.7 oz - Assorted Colours

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IZINK Diamond 24 Carat is a line of glitter pastes with a thick base of glitter that creates beautiful shimmering coverage on paper, cardstock, glass, wood, even fabric! 

This product includes holographic glitter with many different shades of glitter included in the paste. Use it on light or dark card for completely different effects! This paste changes colors depending on the base shade. White card will show the primary color, while dark card shows off the alternate shades of glitter embedded in the paste. 

This paint is very concentrated in flakes and applies to all media including textiles. For textile must be ironed before going into the washing machine.  Easy to apply with a brush. It will be perfect for working with stencils, and adapts to any kind of creative project: card making, scrapbooking, or customize your home decor or gifts. The pouch makes it easy to apply, and reduces waste. Packaging is recyclable.

Fix on glass, metal, or ceramics by putting in the oven for about 30 minutes at 320°F. Hand wash these items.

The paint is permanent on fabric once completely dry. No heat setting is required.

Wash at a maximum temperature of 104°F (40°C). Do not tumble dry.


Size 80ml recyclable pouch.

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